15 Ways to Refresh Your Workspace

To celebrate our 15th birthday *pause for applause*, we’ve put together 15 epic ways to refresh your workspace whether you’ve been in your office one year or several. It’s important to keep things fresh in an office environment in order to keep your employees happy and productive. Change is good and, when done with Modern Office, change can make a difference. Here’s our list:


This area is the first place that makes an impression when people enter your business. Creating a warm and stylish atmosphere here can help make visitors feel relaxed.

#1 Lunar Table: To prevent the reception desk from becoming cluttered, add a small guest table to place informative documents, leaflets, and the ever-important covid sign-in and QR codes.

#2 Jubel Chair: This stylish and comfortable chair is inviting for company guests to take a seat and means they won’t mind if your previous meeting runs over by a minute or two.

Meeting Room

Bring your team together in a meeting room that encourages collaboration and teamwork.

#3 Harmony Chairs: This swivel chair makes movement easy and creates a flowy state that can benefit group thinking and collaboration.

#4 Meeting Table: Our Maxim Meeting Tables offer a large collective workspace for teams of up to a dozen people to join together to work on.


Work isn’t all about collaboration. Sometimes you have to focus on your own.

#5 Soundbox Booth: These acoustic booths are perfect for taking calls in a busy office or simply having a portion of quiet time for maximum productivity throughout the day.

Ergonomic Furniture

To improve employee well-being and keep them all healthy, add ergonomic furniture to your office.

#6 Wobble Board: These keep your mind and body engaged throughout the day at your standing desk. Help subtly workout your core throughout the day, reduce fatigue and prevent back pain.

#7 Monitor Arms: Your monitor should be fixed at eye height to prevent neck pain. Place your monitor correctly with monitor arms for your double screen display.

Breakout Furniture

These should be comfortable areas for spontaneous meetings.

#8 Oslo Bar Leaner: A perfect table for a breakout space. Grab a colleague and spend some time at the Oslo Bar Leaner to go over things during a busy working day.

#9 Lunar Coffee Table: Catch up with your colleague and talk through your latest projects at this snazzy coffee table made for two.


This is where the majority of office workers spend their time. Getting the right desk and chairs makes a huge impact on staff.

#10 Enhance Height Adjustable Desk: Stand or sit with an adjustable desk to keep your body feeling strong and not sore. This addition is a must.

#11 Active Task Chair: One of the many comfortable desk chairs we stock. Take a look at our collection and see which is right for your workers.

#12 Novah Pod Desk: Work in teams of two with this specially designed desk which saves space and looks great to create a workspace.

Executive Workspace

Your office says a lot about your identity and brand. Create an executive space that benefits you.

#13 Maxim Executive Desk: This incredible large desk will fit multiple screens, paperwork and files in your private office space. Coming with a matching side cabinet it’s a perfect addition to benefit your job.

#14 Munro Sofa: There needs to be a space for guests in your office for those meetings that aren’t as important as being 1-on-1 across the desk. Add a comfortable sofa to your room for more relaxing times.

Office Space Solutions

Our wide range of designer office storage systems are a necessary addition to stop your office from looking cluttered and unkempt.

#15 Oslo Credenza: Available in multiple sizes, these storage units can stock all your stationery, files, records and more.

This is just a flavour of the products we can help bring into your office space to enhance how you and your team works. We tailor our offering to each client, so sizes, colours and configurations are all unique and perfect for you. Get in touch today for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your specific requirements!

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