Office furniture fitouts

Office Furniture Fitouts

Enhance your workspace with Modern Office's office and commercial furniture and fitout services, tailored to both functionality and aesthetics. Our extensive range of contemporary office and commercial furniture is designed to meet the diverse needs of New Zealand businesses, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and productivity.

Our goal is to create a workspace that not only looks appealing but also enhances productivity, collaboration, and overall employee well-being. We work with a diverse range of New Zealand business owners, managers, architects and designers to create modern and functional workspaces.

From sleek desks and ergonomic chairs to innovative storage solutions, we provide top-quality furniture that prioritises comfort and efficiency. Our fit-out services offer a holistic approach to office design that maximises space and fosters a conducive work environment. 

Elevate your office experience with our comprehensive furniture and fitout solutions, setting the stage for success in today’s modern business landscape.

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Floor Planning

At the heart of every successful office fit out is an expertly designed floor layout, which helps you visualise your future office. This process involves translating the practical needs of the space into a well-thought-out and functional office 2D or 3D layout along with a furniture plan that aligns with your organisation's objectives. 

Our team takes the time to understand your needs by visiting your site if required and creates floor plans based on the details and dimensions of your space that you may have from a designer, architect, or builder. This process allows us to make changes until you’re happy with the final version, at which point your office space comes to life and the project commences!

These renders serve as invaluable tools, allowing you to review every detail of your new workspace and ensuring that the layout, furniture choices, and overall design align perfectly with your vision, resulting in a workspace that exceeds expectations in both form and function.

Check out the following examples of the renders our team can provide:


If you’re refreshing your office space or simply moving to new premises and need a trusted and professional team to help with installing or relocating your commercial furniture, we can help.

The Modern Office team works with our third-party relocation service provider Mobel Installations to provide commercial furniture installations and office relocations. Mobel Installations work with clients large and small and can get you up and running in no time!

Modern Office works closely with the Mobel Installations team to develop a plan tailored to suit your project and business needs, with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency.

Our team can help with:

  • Disassembly and removal of your existing furniture

  • Transport to your new location

  • Installation of your furniture into your new office

For a quote, call our friendly installation team on 0508 663 376 or complete the enquiry form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

And of course, if you need some new furniture as part of the moving process, view our range or contact our sales team sales@modernoffice.co.nz for information.

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