Adapting Your Office for 2022

Here at Modern Office, we’ve gathered insights into how adapting your office can affect employee well-being, productivity, talent retention, and more. Since the events of last year, we have considered the most important trends of change for 2022. Companies around the world are adopting more sustainable practices, technological innovation is driving change, and a human-centred focus on employee well-being is shaping the way we live and work. As our office design experts respond to these signals, you'll want to keep up to date with the top 5 office design trends listed below.

1. Sustainable Office Design

As a global community, we are increasingly aware of our impact on the environment. As companies, we must do more to reduce our carbon footprint and build a more sustainable future. So it's no wonder that sustainable design methods and materials are a huge office design trend in 2022.

2. Flexible Working

Flexible workspaces have been around for a while but have come of age recently. Living in times of uncertainty, the only way companies can prepare is to ensure and encourage flexible working practices so that they are ready for anything. If you want your business to continue attracting top talent, it's time to invest in this trend. It's time to think about how you can use your space to encourage different ways of working. Since many employees still choose to work at least part of the week remotely, only a fraction of your team will need to go to the office on any given day. So, instead of giving everyone an individual desk, design an office with bookable open workspaces, flexible non-reservable areas, activity-oriented workspaces, and modular furniture to accommodate a floating workforce. Giving employees different places to work based on the type of work they do gives your team more control over their work experience, increases productivity levels, and increases engagement.

3. Wellbeing and Human-Centric Design

Another cultural shift in office design in 2022 has focused on creating a workspace where safety and employee empowerment take precedence. The pandemic has once again reminded us of the value of individual employees and the importance of their health and well-being to the productivity and profitability of any business. Now that companies are truly taking the mental and physical health of their employees into account, the office design industry is taking notice. Anti-Covid safety measures such as integrated social distancing, flow management, handwashing stations, hand sanitiser stations, and readily available PPE help alleviate any concerns employees may have about attending work. Employees are becoming more demanding of their workplaces, and rightly so.

4. Technology and Smart Offices

Smart workspaces can use digital sensors to monitor and respond to factors such as occupancy, air quality, daylight levels, and more. Smart buildings can collect and share data, allowing companies to better understand when and how different spaces are used. This is a very powerful office design tool, especially important in the context of social distancing and safety. A closer relationship with technology can also help us move forward in our return to the workplace - thermal imaging systems and proximity doors can allow employees to move easily around the workplace.

5. Connectivity and Community

While this year will undoubtedly continue to change the way we look at work and the workplace, one of the biggest changes in the office is that it is no longer just a place with a desk, but a destination in itself. For many employees accustomed to working from home for months and limited opportunities for social interaction, the workday has become an event, a refreshing opportunity to meet friends, get inspired, meet, collaborate, and connect. This trend will lead to an increase in office design patterns that are strongly associated with the hospitality and leisure sectors. This new emphasis on shared service and expertise will be another way for companies to attract and retain top talent.

Talk to us today about the modern needs of your office and how we can support change and growth.

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