How Much Should an Office Fitout Cost in 2024?

Before embarking on any office fit-out, the question of budget is at the forefront of all our clients’ minds. After all, it's a significant factor in the decision-making process. Our simple answer to this question varies, as there are so many variables that can change the cost of your office fit-out.

Let’s start by looking at what is involved in an office fit-out and how the process works.

The term "fit-out" is used to describe the process of making an interior space suitable for occupants of an office, including all the necessary structures, electrical, furnishings, decorations, and mechanical equipment. In other words, the office space is fitted out with furnishings and decorations as well as equipment from mechanical and electrical services based on the needs of the occupant.

What is included in a Modern Office soft fit-out?

A full office fit-out from Modern Office focuses on the furniture and floor space around that furniture, and our process covers everything from initial design, right through to installation and after-sales support. We start by learning about the needs of your business and how your team works best. We discover whether they need breakout spaces, staff kitchen furniture, soft seating, visitor furniture, and much more.

Our floor planning service is an essential part of the overall process. An expertly designed floor layout is essential to designing a great working environment; this is achieved by translating your practical needs for the space into a specific furniture plan that reflects these requirements and then plan out the design of the space, which is brought to life with software. This visual plan includes our furniture recommendations, their colours, and styles so you can see if this matches your initial brief.

Once you are happy with the furniture, colours, and overall look of your future office space we deliver and install the office furniture and technology. It doesn’t end there, we provide ongoing after-sales support to ensure your workspace evolves alongside your business.

In terms of indicative costs for an employee, a basic soft fit-out including items such as an electric desk, screen divider, chair, mobile drawer, monitor arm, and soft wiring, could start at around $3,000.

To extend it further and include breakout spaces, a staff room, and small meeting rooms you’d be looking at around $5,000 per employee. These figures exclude custom storage, boardrooms, sound boxes, and receptions, which do tend to bump up costs but are valuable additions to enhance an office space.

All of this is dependent on whether you go for economical options or splurge on designer or custom-made items.

How long does an office fit-out take?

As office furniture specialists, we have an experienced team that has been lending a helping hand to clients since 2007. There’s no office too big, small, or niche for us to support with. We complete office fit-outs promptly after discussing a timeline with you. The amount of time it takes depends on the size of the office and the scale of the fit-out and the time it takes to source the furniture items you want.

How do I go about doing an office fit-out?

Step one would be to contact us and tell us about your next commercial project. From there we can discuss what you are looking to achieve and the ways we can help. We’ll take care of everything else during the office fit-out, from design to delivery to installation.

Starting with the overall vision, we can narrow down options and give you a style that will suit your organisation’s culture, brand, and aesthetic. Our team are experts and even if you have a “high-level” idea of what you want, we can translate that into an achievable look. Visualising how your office space will look can be tricky, so we can talk you through the process and provide design advice that reflects your brand and brings out your organisation’s unique personality.

If this is the year that you want to level up your office space and create a fantastic culture that suits your entire team, book a consultation with us. We’ll be able to help you through all aspects of your office fit-out and create the perfect space your team will love!

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