How to make your office feel more homely

Homely touches

Things that remind you of home can bring a sense of calm and familiarity. This doesn’t have to be something as literal as a framed family portrait on your desk, but can be something as simple as a scent. Having the same scented candles and scent diffusers that you have at home can trick your brain into thinking it is in the same safe environment as your house.

Double up on office equipment

Having an identical set-up at work and in your home office will stop your concentration from being interrupted by being in two different environments. Having the same monitor, keyboard, mouse and office furniture with the same setup provides seamless transition between the two.


Rather than keeping an untidy office with things scattered on your desk, organise yourself with an office storage solution. This will allow you to concentrate on what’s in front of you, rather than the mess. Offices and desks can become overwhelmed with clutter and a simple tidy once or twice per week can make a big difference to your productivity. Also, keep your desk free of items that can interfere with your creativity or focus. A clear desk equals a clear mind!


Comfort is paramount when it comes to working at a desk for extended periods of time and with today’s workforce more committed to health and wellbeing than ever before, it’s time to invest in ergonomic and active furniture for yours. Keep your posture in check with our range of products and introduce structure into your office.


The dull noise of an office isn't always very motivating and hearing nothing but printers buzz, mouses click and keyboards tap can create boredom and stifle creativity. Music is a must-have in today’s office, so add some music streaming playlists specifically designed for work to keep the creative juices flowing and add a relaxing nature to offices that may at times feel stuffy and uninspiring.

Want to find out more ways to create a tailored workspace for you and your team? Contact us today to ask us questions and find out what will work for your office space!

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