Office Design Trends In 2022

A new office for the New Year? If you're thinking that it's time to make a change, contact our office fitout company. We can discuss what you would like to do to your existing office, or go through some ideas on how to fill a whole new space. Whatever you have in mind, we have the processes and experience to help. In the meantime, we thought we’d share four of the biggest office design trends for 2024 to give you the inspiration you're looking for!

Bringing the comforts of home to work

With lockdown forcing many employees to work from home, office design experts are predicting that offices in 2024 will incorporate more homely touches. This could include the introduction of soft seating, plush carpeting and even something like our Soundbox acoustic booths where employees can enjoy their own space while completing certain tasks, such as participating in phone meetings. Anything that can be done to make a workspace feel more comfortable and welcoming is seen not just as a trend but also as a highly effective way to boost staff morale and productivity.

A touch of nature indoors

Another predicted trend for 2024 will be even more emphasis on natural elements indoors including materials and textures like wood and plants and, where possible, less artificial lighting to make way for a higher degree of natural light.

Less structure, more informality

In other words, a less structured office fitout is expected to be a big hit in 2024. This might mean unassigned desks, more lounge-style seating areas where team members can work, and relaxed gathering spaces rather than the usual boardroom or corporate setting. This will give employees the freedom and flexibility to choose where they complete their work based on the assigned task, and how they meet up when required.

More colour, more energy

Office design professionals say the move away from grey and staid office settings will continue to gain momentum in 2024. This means we can expect to see brighter and more colourful spaces in the New Year. Dynamic design is seen as a highly effective way to boost energy as well as productivity.

We hope we have given you something to ponder about your new-look office. We have the inspiration and products to help you achieve your ideal office space - and we’ll be happy to provide sound advice as well. Contact us and together we can create a spectacular new office for the New Year.

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