Ways to set your desk up for maximum productivity

Want to work smarter, not harder? Learn how to optimise your desk setup for maximum productivity and motivation throughout the workday.

Our bodies aren't designed to sit for long periods, which is why many businesses are investing in height-adjustable desks. Experts recommend standing for at least half the day, as it offers numerous health benefits and can be a selling point when recruiting new employees.

Having the option to sit or stand can boost focus and motivation. Choose from manual wind adjustable desks or electric desks, and consider adding a floor mat for comfort while standing.

Ensure your desk is near a window to maximise natural light exposure, which can improve sleep, reduce headaches and eye strain, and minimise errors.

Properly setting up accessories like your keyboard, mouse, and monitor can prevent injuries and maintain an ergonomic posture. Keep your workspace clutter-free for optimal efficiency.

Personalise your space with plants, which not only add vibrancy but also enhance creativity, reduce stress, and purify the air. Taking regular breaks is also recommended for overall well-being.

If you're looking to revamp your office space for increased productivity or need advice on desk setups for your staff, contact our team for a consultation today.

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