Solving The Noise Issues of An Open Plan Office Space

Open-plan office spaces have become the go-to layout for many companies. They were designed to create a sense of collaboration and help break down barriers between departments. However, one major drawback is that these same open-plan office spaces are the noise factor and for those of us who work best with no interruptions and silence, these can be difficult to manage. Fortunately, some solutions can help reduce noise levels and make working in an open-plan office much more pleasant. Let’s explore how acoustic products can help manage noise levels in your workspace.

Acoustic products are designed to absorb sound energy, reducing reverberation time and creating a pleasant acoustic environment with reduced background noise levels. These products come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from wall panels to ceiling baffles, so they can be tailored to match the unique needs of your space. Some even double as decorative features to add a touch of personality to the room!

Not only will acoustic products reduce background noise levels in your workspace, but they will also improve speech intelligibility and audio clarity for meetings or conference calls. Having clear conversations ensures everyone is on the same page and helps ensure nothing is lost in translation due to excessive background noise.

With clever new products such as the Hush and Nectar Acoustic lights, you can not only have stylish lighting, but these clever products provide unparalleled acoustic comfort. With its unique honeycomb structure, made with lightweight acoustic fabric, the Nectar lightshade offers a softer, more direct light source to keep your office environment productive and vibrant. Nectar also comes in nine biophilic colours inspired by New Zealand’s natural environment.

The Hush acoustic light is the perfect addition to your office or restaurant space; this innovative product was created in partnership with renowned designer David Trubridge Design Studio. Ideal for reducing distracting noise and improving the acoustics in a space, it is sure to create a calming and productive environment for all your tasks and meetings. As well as being an acoustic aid, this lighting wonder adds an elegant touch to any meeting table, task desk or restaurant bar.

Cascade™ Hanging Screens are spatial and acoustic partitions that fall elegantly from the ceiling to the floor. Lightweight yet sturdy, Cascade™ Hanging Screens are semi-permanent by nature; easy to install, uninstall, and move around your space as required and can match your corporate identity easily.

Horizon™ is a range of floating acoustic panels that create a cloud-like illusion when suspended. With clean lines and simple, two-dimensional geometric forms, Horizon elegantly holds space as both a design feature and a high-performance acoustic absorber.

Soundbox silence booths are a versatile solution to offer quiet spaces within busy open-plan offices. They provide sound insulation for privacy and meetings, and also offer alternative workspaces for focused tasks, without the need for additional meeting rooms.

In addition to acoustic products, there are other measures you can take as well. For instance, adding area rugs or carpets not only softens footfall noise but also helps muffle sound waves from chair legs rolling across hard floor surfaces. You can also invest in sound masking systems which emit low-level white noise throughout the space to create a “noise blanket” effect that masks conversations without being intrusive or disruptive.

The right combination of acoustic products and sound masking systems can help reduce background noise levels considerably in any open plan office space - making it easier for employees to communicate clearly while still enjoying their collaborative environment. If you're looking for ways to reduce background noise without sacrificing style or comfort at your workplace, investing in acoustic materials is definitely worth considering.

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