The Steps To Fit-Out Success

Office fit-outs are not something that should be left to chance. Poorly planned fit-outs can result in an uncomfortable and uninspiring office space that is inefficient and not pleasant to look at. All of these things combine to affect staff morale and productivity, and that is why we take a step-by-step approach to office fit-out success.

We invite you to click on the link above and get a better idea of how we work. When you see how we operate, you’ll appreciate there is more to a successful office fit-out than you may think. It’s more involved than just replacing old furniture with new furniture. We are very keen to create or enhance the working space for the benefit of everyone. In doing so, we’re not just inspiring your team to deliver consistent and high-quality output but, to a large degree, we’re also giving your brand a refresh that is probably well overdue.

Here is a brief rundown of the steps we follow to ensure an office fit-out is as good as it gets!

The Brief

The first step and a vitally important one as we get to know more about your business, how you like to work, and what you want to achieve with your office furniture and layout.

Space Planning

Floor planning is often overlooked but it is something we pay particular attention to. This is because it is essential in creating a productive and happy working environment. To help us with our space planning we use the latest software to prepare scale drawings.


Once we know your requirements and tastes, we use our experience in office furniture and color specifications to recommend the products and styles that will best serve you and your team.

Delivery and Installation

We go through several steps before we reach this stage which just shows how comprehensive our service is. Once we do deliver and install, the emphasis is on speed and efficiency to minimise disruptions and let your team move in and get started immediately.


We don’t leave you to it once we’ve completed the installation process. We’re always available should things change, such as more team members coming on board or if another update is called for.

By getting your office fit-out just right, we deliver a stylish workspace and a host of other benefits; a greatly improved working environment, happier employees, higher productivity and output to name just a few. With staff located throughout the Central and Upper North Island, and a team capable of managing projects all over New Zealand, we’re the office fit-out contractors to contact no matter where you are. Because if you want to do an office fit-out, you need to do it properly – every step of the way!

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