The Surprising Benefits of a Breakout Space in Your Office

A breakout space is an area in an office where employees can go to take a break from their workstations. These spaces are usually furnished with comfortable chairs, couches, or bean bag chairs, and may include features such as TVs, video games, and books. While some people may see breakout spaces as frivolous distractions, there are actually a number of benefits to having one in your office.

Improved employee morale

Recognising that our collective physical and mental well-being was being tested during the recent crisis, many companies have worked to increase wellness offerings. They’re highlighting existing benefits that may have been overlooked, investing in new programs, and communicating consistently about them. Helping staff to live a healthy lifestyle is always a wise investment. This elevated investment in wellness resources can help as we transition back to our regular routines and beyond. More organisations are supportive of fitness areas, flexible hours to spend time with family and healthy eating programs like a fruit bowl in the office. And from a personal level, encouraging colleagues to utilize wellness offerings creates better all-round workplace relationships with your co-workers.

Increased creativity and collaboration

Employees who use breakout spaces are also more likely to be creative and collaborate with their coworkers. The same Steelcase study found that employees who had access to a breakout space were four times more likely to say they were able to do their best thinking at work. They were also three times more likely to say they were able to collaborate effectively with their coworkers. Breakout spaces are useful for informal chats and casual meetings without the pressure of booking meeting rooms or formalities.

Lower stress levels

A study by the University of Queensland found that employees who used breakout spaces reported lower levels of stress than those who didn't. This is likely due to the fact that breakout spaces provide employees with a chance to take a break from their work and clear their heads for a few minutes. When employees are less stressed, they're more productive and better able to handle challenging tasks.

If you're on the fence about whether or not to add a breakout space to your office, consider the many benefits it can provide. From improved employee morale to increased creativity and collaboration, there are plenty of good reasons to create a space where your team can relax and recharge during the workday. Browse our range of breakout or collaboration furniture and contact our team today if you’d like to discuss your space.

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