Tips for Innovative Modern Office Design

Workplaces are changing and with new ways of working come exciting new office layout and furniture designs. Innovative companies are leading the way in modern office trends to create a dynamic and collaborative workplace and help attract and retain successful high-performing teams.

The most successful modern businesses are looking for furniture designs that create a stimulating working environment that staff and clients appreciate. Here are some tips on modern office design ideas to watch out for.


Today's office needs multi-purpose spaces with versatile quality furniture that can be utilised for everything from multimedia presentations to casual breakout areas. Well-designed modular furniture that can be mixed, stacked, and moved around is quickly gaining in popularity.


Among the most sought-after office design solutions is help with removing wires and clutter from desktops and meeting rooms. At Modern Office you'll find smart furniture designed specifically with cable caps and cable trays to minimise the mess, helping to keep the workplace look clean, simple, and well organised.

The Natural Look

Finding ways to incorporate nature into the workplace is a trend businesses can't afford to ignore. From living plants to nature-inspired patterns in seating fabrics, and wood finishes on office tables and desks, we love that light, clean, natural Scandinavian look.


The modern office environment is all about encouraging more interaction which is why large shared tables are making an appearance. Office furniture that's relaxed and collaborative is what every modern business is looking for.


It turns out sitting down at a desk all day can be really unhealthy - some movement is the key. So it's not surprising there's been a significant shift toward incorporating height-adjustable tables and desks for standing meetings into office interiors.

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