Trends of the Future Office – 2021 and Beyond

At a time when workplaces have changed dramatically across the globe, there has been a shift in the way that people think about offices and work environments. Covid-19 has caused a major shift from the traditional 9-5 to a more flexible and modern work culture. A well-designed office should take into account the wants and needs of its end users and how the space can best support them as they work. When designing a post-pandemic office, there is an opportunity to evolve past traditional ideas of what a workplace ‘should’ be and instead create spaces that inspire people and drive their performance as a result. Modern Office offers a wide range of high-quality commercial furniture to help achieve a practical and attractive work environment that supports the needs of today’s workforce.


One of the key trends that the industry is experiencing is collaboration and connection. During the global pandemic, we have realised the importance of these aspects and how they can influence our emotional well-being. As employees return to their offices, there should be a strong emphasis on human connection as a design feature within the workplace. Working alongside peers not only improves mental well-being but also encourages positive collaboration between team members. An office environment where employees can share their perspectives, insights, and questions will help improve communication. Take a look at some of Modern Office’s furniture options that will encourage positive collaboration and connection in your office environment.

The Kollective, Tauranga


Another element that every modern office should include is flexibility and adaptability. Since change is constant, it’s important that offices are flexible and can quickly adapt to meet changing circumstances and needs. Employees are individuals who have a preferred way of working that suits them. When people are working comfortably in their ideal work environment, they are likely to be more productive and motivated in their jobs. A good way to achieve flexibility and create an ideal work environment is to provide workers with options. By creating an office with private desks for highly-focused independent work in addition to sociable and collaborative workspaces for teams, employees are able to choose a style of working that suits them. Modern workspaces are moving away from static layouts and designs towards more versatility and customisation. Introduce an element of flexibility to your office space by implementing one of our height-adjustable desks or some modular collaboration furniture. These items mean that the office layout can continually be reconfigured and adjusted. Modern Office has a wide range of furniture solutions that allow workers to work, think, socialise, and collaborate in a way that works best for them.

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Many employees may find that they like to stay active throughout the day in order to remain focused and motivated at work. Designed to support active sitting, Modern Office offers a selection of active seating options that encourage the user to move during prolonged sitting periods. As well as this, workers may find it beneficial to use a height-adjustable desk so that they can move between sitting and standing positions during the day. This type of furniture encourages mental and physical health for workers as they also allow the user to burn excess energy and keep active instead of remaining seated for hours on end.

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Technology has quickly become an integral part of modern work culture. During the Covid-19 pandemic, technology such as video conferencing and personal laptops have allowed for businesses to continue to operate effectively and efficiently during challenging circumstances. It has also created the option to work remotely, giving staff greater control over their work-life balance. Investing in up-to-date modern technology ensures that staff can continue to work and remain connected to their team regardless of their location or any challenges that may arise. Ultimately an effective office environment design should be centered around the teams working within them and what workers need in order to be most comfortable and productive. Organisations that take the time to achieve a balance between the needs of their staff and the needs of the organization itself will see a boost in efficiency, staff well-being, and overall productivity. To create a workspace that combines the four elements of Collaboration, Adaptability, Activity, and Technology, Modern Office has everything you need. Contact the best office fit-out company to help you deliver to an inspiring office environment that your team will love!

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