What is the Difference Between a Hard and Soft Fitout?

When it comes to designing a workspace, there are two distinct paths you can take — hard fitouts and soft fitouts. Modern Office has been providing creative workplace furniture solutions since 2007, and we understand what it takes to create functional, inspiring, and productive workspaces. In this blog post, we’ll explain the difference between hard and soft fitouts.

Hard Fitouts

Hard fitouts involve all the construction work needed for an office space such as walls, floors, wiring, air-conditioning, and more. A hard fitout is the process of altering or refurbishing the base building that will play host to the designed space. It could be useful to think of it as the construction of the framework that an office space will inhabit, as it could include anything from re-flooring, to knocking out unnecessary or unwanted walls, to electrical work.
A hard fitout can involve changes to the physical structure of the office, such as partitioning walls, doorways, windows, or bathroom and kitchen facilities. Hard fitouts are usually required when moving into a new office or when making major changes to an existing one.

Generally speaking, these are more expensive than soft fitouts because they involve labour costs for builders and electricians as well as materials costs for things like plasterboard or tiles. They’re also longer in duration since they require more time for planning and execution.

Soft Fitouts

Soft Fitouts, on the other hand, involve furnishing your workspace with items like chairs, desks, breakout furniture, and storage solutions. These are generally less expensive than hard fitouts since they don’t require any building work or labour costs. They also tend to be quicker in completion since there is no need for lengthy planning or construction timeframes. Modern Office are specialists in the soft fitout phase of a project. When you choose Modern Office for your workspace solution needs, you will receive personalised advice on furniture trends that will make sure that your commercial or office space is unique to your team’s needs while ensuring value is delivered every step of the way.

If your project involves both hard and soft fitouts, once the groundwork of the hard fitout is done, it’s time to focus on furnishings, and that’s where we come in. Having the ideal floor plan is a good and important start, which makes it easier to create a comfortable, stylish, and functional place for your team as a result. Filling your office space with furniture is an opportunity to express the character of your brand and reflect your business’ culture through aesthetics.

A high-quality soft fitout can make a substantial difference in the message a space sends and how inviting it can be. Just as a hard fitout covers more than just basic construction work, a soft fitout goes beyond office chairs and boardroom tables — depending on your needs, it could include breakout area couches, reception area furniture, artwork, and more.

So, which type of fitout is right for your business when you’re ready to make some changes? Choosing between a hard or soft fitout depends on numerous factors including budget constraints and timelines but also individual preferences. Understanding what each type entails allows business owners to make an informed decision when creating their perfect workspace solution — one that is both functional and inspiring at the same time!

If you're simply redecorating or making minor changes to your existing office space to refresh it or make it more functional for today’s employees' needs, then a soft fitout will probably suffice. However, if you're moving into a new office or making major changes to your current one, then a hard fitout will be necessary. Either way, Modern Office can help make your office design dreams a reality.

At Modern Office, we understand this process better than anyone else; having been providing creative workplace furniture solutions since 2007, we have developed a great reputation in delivering fitouts across both private and government sectors. Get in touch with us today if you would like some advice on how to create a unique workspace experience tailored specifically to your team’s needs!

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