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Introducing the Lovoc Screen, a revolutionary modular workstation screen meticulously crafted with sustainability at its core. Unlike traditional office furniture that often ends up in landfills, the Lovoc Screen is engineered with the entire product lifecycle in mind, minimising environmental impact every step of the way.

Our patented manufacturing process sets a new standard for sustainability in the industry. By utilising environmentally conscious components made from 60% recycled content and materials diverted from landfill, we're committed to reducing waste and preserving our planet for future generations.

  • 60% recycled content and materials diverted from landfill
  • Soft radius corners
  • No stitching or gluing allows for easy disassembly of environmentally conscious components
  • Versatile mounting options


Product Enquiry


Available in a wide range of fabrics and styles, contact our team for more information

Dimensions (mm)
1460 w / 1480 w / 1860 w / 1880 w / 2160 w / 2180 w

5 years

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