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Embrace the healthier way of working with Enhance Electric Corner Height Adjustable Desks, where versatility meets convenience for a more dynamic work experience. As the trend towards standing desks gains momentum, our innovative sit-stand desk systems offer the perfect solution for modern office spaces.

With a simple flick of a switch, the Enhance Electric Corner Height Adjustable Desk empowers you to effortlessly transition between seated and standing positions throughout the workday. Say goodbye to the sedentary lifestyle and hello to a more active and ergonomic approach to work.

Designed for ultimate comfort and productivity, our height-adjustable desks provide a seamless and intuitive experience, allowing you to tailor your workstation to your exact needs. Whether you prefer to sit and focus or stand and stretch, our desks adapt to your preferences with ease.

  • Sit/stand 3-stage height adjustment range of 630~1275mm
  • Commercial-grade 25mm worktop
  • LCD height display controller shows current height position and 4-position preset memory function
  • USB charging port conveniently located on controller
  • Dual leg motors for a smoother, stable and quiet up-down function
  • Anti-collision protection - reacts when coming in contact with solid objects and automatically stops.
  • Frame speed when in motion: up to 35 mm/s
  • Large leveling feet provide extra stability
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Dimensions (mm)
1500w x 1500w x 700d
1800w x 1800w x 700d
Height including worktop 630~1275h

Available in white or black frame with white, autumn oak or black woodgrain top

Weight Limit

15 year

Advantages of height adjustable desks
More energy and focus – standing keeps your blood flowing and your mind more alert
Improved health – standing opens your internal organs, allowing everything to move. Sitting cramps your gut and slows things down.
Posture and core strength – standing and maintaining good posture adds to the strength of your core, resulting in less soreness in the back and tailbone compared to sitting for 8-10 hours a day.
Increased fat burning – when we sit, our fat-burning enzymes start to shut down. You burn 60 more calories an hour when standing vs sitting.


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