Harmony Acoustic Desk Screen

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Discover the perfect solution for optimising your work environment with the Harmony Acoustic Desk Screen – a versatile addition designed to seamlessly combine functionality with acoustic efficiency. Engineered to reduce noise and foster a more focused workspace, these desk screens offer a harmonious blend of practicality and comfort.

Crafted from PET Felt, a durable and eco-friendly material made from recycled PET plastic, our Harmony Acoustic Desk Screens embody our commitment to sustainability and innovation. By repurposing plastic waste commonly found in water or soda bottles, we transform it into a soft yet remarkably sturdy felt material that contributes to a more environmentally responsible workplace.

Available in various sizes, colours, and styles, the Harmony screens can be tailored to match your office aesthetic and create a personalised, visually appealing work environment. Whether you prefer subtle neutrals or bold hues, there's a design option to suit your preferences.

Experience the benefits of improved acoustics and enhanced concentration. Create a more productive and comfortable workspace while reducing environmental impact – all with a solution that seamlessly integrates functionality, sustainability, and style.

  • 26mm thick to absorb and dampen ambient noise
  • Soft radius corners
  • Wrapped in luxe fabric that comes in 3 colours
  • Versatile mounting options, allowing for easy installation and adjustment to accommodate different desk configurations and user preferences
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Dimensions (mm)
450h x 1800w
450h x 1500w
700h x 1800w
700h x 1500w

Available in Grey, Charcoal and Blue

5 years

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