Creating a Lasting Impression With Your Reception Area

For many organisations, the reception area is the first one they see. Thoughtful and considered design of a reception/communal area can ensure a positive first impression and an inviting visual introduction to the organisation. A well-designed reception/communal area can also be an uplifting and inspiring space for staff. The selection of colours, furniture and layout present the overall brand to truly enhance this important space.

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Welcome to us

This is the area that reveals you as an organisation, your company values and culture. Your branding should be kept consistent throughout this space with your logo clearly visible. Colours are a key component when enhancing a reception area and play a major role in how your work environment is perceived. Whether you want to create a bold statement or use more subtle accents, colour can be used creatively to bring a space to life and convey brand messages so weave these in where you can with custom accents and furniture pieces.

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A relaxing space to work and wait

Provide a space for people to gather. A reception or communal area should function as an area for people to relax, wait and work, so it is important to provide adequate space and furniture with a variety of seating options: a combination of cluster seating and more private seating options would create an ideal balance. Since this area often attracts a high volume of traffic throughout the day, prioritise durable and high-quality fittings that will stand the test of time. Consider acoustics as the flow of traffic throughout this space during a day will influence noise levels. A design scheme that utilises soft furnishing and sound-absorbing materials such as acoustic panels or art will help maintain a more comfortable environment for privacy and to minimise echo.

Make this space comfortable and relaxing and provide a positive experience through well-planned design. Strike a good balance between comfort and sophistication, and incorporate furnishings and decorations that put guests at ease. Seating and soft furnishings can help prioritise comfort for your visitors. Lighting is also a significant design aspect and can truly enhance any space when used effectively. In addition, other decorative items such as artwork, rugs, coffee tables and indoor plants or even candles can add the special touches that elevate an area to amplify the cosiness.

Morrison Kent Lawyers, Rotorua

Where am I?

The key to successful reception design is to always consider the core focus and purpose of the environment - accommodating the people who will use the space. Many of the people who use the reception will be first-time visitors, so design a space that is clear and easy to navigate. Incorporate signage to create a natural flow to guide visitors to where they need to go. The focal point of every reception area is the reception desk itself. Ensure that it is clear where guests need to go upon arrival by positioning an easy to find desk where they can be greeted. The desk should provide adequate space for receptionists to efficiently complete their work and provide space to organize paperwork and other items. The reception area does not need to be mundane, it is the hub of the company and can be a great opportunity to creatively introduce your story to visitors.

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Connection is key

Today’s reception/communal area accommodates modern technology and provides a user-friendly experience for both staff and visitors. Connectivity is considered an essential feature of modern spatial design and integrated power within furniture is becoming more commonplace. Free wifi access allows visitors to optimize their waiting time and is an expectation. As well as big screens, many modern workplaces have implemented technology such as iPads in their lobbies so that guests can sign themselves in and staff members will be notified digitally as they arrive. Reception areas are the face of any company and when designing a fit-out, this space should be carefully considered to achieve an environment that accommodates visitors' needs whilst reflecting the ethos of the organisation in a positive way.

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