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Welcome to Modern Office, where our commitment lies in offering lasting commercial furniture solutions designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring that your investment evolves seamlessly over the years.

At Modern Office, we pride ourselves on delivering end-to-end workplace furniture solutions tailored to the unique needs of New Zealand businesses. Our comprehensive services encompass everything from design and floorplanning to installation and delivery, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued clients.

Juliet Scott

Commercial Furniture Consultant - South Island

Meet Juliet, a seasoned professional with over two decades of expertise in the commercial and office furniture industry. 

She thrives on delivering optimal solutions tailored to your unique space and budget requirements. Juliet is based in Christchurch and works with clients across the South Island.  

With her wealth of knowledge and experience in commercial office furniture and office design, Juliet knows how important it is to work with you to create an environment that will increase staff comfort and productivity, to refresh your current office space or create a whole new workspace for your team.

She can work with your organisation to provide clear direction on specifications, including layouts, finishes, ergonomics, and budget. Whether it's refreshing your current office space or creating a whole new workspace for your team, Juliet can help create a tailored space to suit your needs. 

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If you’re embarking on an office furniture fitout however large or small, enhance your workspace with Modern Office's office and commercial furniture and fitout services, tailored to both functionality and aesthetics. 

Our extensive range of contemporary office and commercial furniture is designed to meet the diverse needs of New Zealand businesses, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and productivity. 

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