Why You Need Height-Adjustable Height Desks

We invite you to take a look at our project inspiration page as it will give you some bright ideas and show you just how spectacular our office fit-outs are. You’ll notice plenty of stunning designer office furniture, of course, as well as layouts that optimise the available space, maximise productivity, and help to create a harmonious working environment.

Something else you'll notice when you look at our past projects is the extensive use of height-adjustable desks. This is quite deliberate. We see height-adjustable desks as a must-have in today’s modern office for reasons of comfort, well-being, and productivity. Ask any physio, and they’ll tell you that muscle strain, back injury, and other painful issues, as well as poor posture, are common when an employee sits at their desk for too long. They’re often hunched over their keyboard, which is not good for their spinal and neck posture, and their general health suffers too.

While physio treatments will relieve pain – albeit temporarily – prevention is always better than the cure. That is why we recommend that you put height-adjustable desks on your shopping list when it’s time to buy office furniture in NZ. These desks let your employees do their work while they’re standing, with the option of sitting from time to time. The major health benefits of working with height-adjustable desks include delaying the onset of fatigue later in the day, reducing lower back pain, preventing tight hips which can lead to lower back pain, lowering the risk of putting on weight and improving cardiovascular health as a result, and helping to keep the mind alert – yet another productivity booster.

In summary, a desk that is height-adjustable is a healthier desk. Research has proven that the general well-being of employees is enhanced when they complete their tasks while standing. They are less likely to gain weight and their heart health improves. Because they’re physically fitter, team members are mentally sharper as well, so they are not as fatigued and their thinking is clearer. Back and neck pain is far less of an issue, which means fewer days off seeking medical treatment, and their posture is improved - and this is another crucial element in promoting general health.

There is every reason to invest in height-adjustable desks, and no reason not to. For higher productivity and staff morale, we suggest you put them on your office furniture shopping list and then contact us.

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