Hush Acoustic Light

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Suspended elegantly above meeting tables, task desks, or restaurant bars, Hush transforms spaces by mitigating noise and enhancing acoustics. Its versatile design serves as both a lighting fixture and a sound-absorbing solution, offering an ideal setting for focused discussions or relaxed gatherings.

Crafted from 6mm thick panels of 100% polyester fibers, Hush epitomises sustainability and safety. The material, derived from recycled PET bottle flakes, not only contributes to environmental conservation but also ensures a non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-allergic environment for all occupants.

Experience the transformative ambience of Hush. Add some colour and texture to your space with its subtle illumination, intimate atmosphere, and unparalleled acoustic performance—all while championing sustainability and well-being.

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Dimensions (mm)
Micro 750w x 350h
Mini 1000w x 400h
Round 1400w x 650h
Oval 2000w x 1400w x 650h

Available in 16 colours - enquire with our team

5 years

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